Rotation and Hinge Point – Rotation Adapter for More Quality of Life

Getting into a car easily, putting on your shoes without any problems, or comfortably crossing the legs – these are activities that our rotation adapters make absolutely normal again.

Rotation Adapter

At a Glance

  • Makes rotation of the flexed lower leg possible
  • More everyday security for the prosthesis wearer
  • Makes driving, putting on shoes and sitting more comfortable
  • Suitable for a body weight of up to 150 kilograms
  • Easy handling

With the incorporation of the rotation adapters 4R57 and 4R57=ST above the knee joint, the flexed lower leg can rotate against the socket; that is, it can be swung in and out. For the prosthesis wearer, this mainly means improved safety.

Improved Safety while Driving

The prosthesis can be swung to the side while driving. This minimizes the risk of the prosthetic foot becoming stuck in the area of the pedals. The brake and gas pedal can be operated with the other foot with no restrictions. This allows your patient to assume a more relaxed leg position and to focus more on traffic.

Increased Comfort

The rotation adapter also ensures improved security and more comfort during everyday activities. The rotation of the knee joint makes it possible to swing the prosthesis leg up and enables your patient to put on shoes or change socks safely and comfortably. The patient can also cross his or her legs and sit comfortably.
It also makes it possible use various seating positions, including a cross-legged position. The rotation adapter is easy to use: The rotation mechanism is activated with a release button and locks by itself. The low rotation resistance makes it more user-friendly. Both models are suitable for a body weight of up to 150 kilograms.

Quality for life